About Us

It all started from being hobbyists. It was very simple. We loved food… from savoring all the delicious cuisines to making them. We have always enjoyed experiencing with the gorgeous textures, colors and varying tastes they came in. It was only when the best results started pouring out, they decided to make it a business venture. Being food lovers, we kind of knew exactly what the others of their kind would want, and love to get their teeth on.

The beginning of Punizz Kitchen was thus mainly about food. Three foodie friends: Anika Alam ( a lecturer back then), Mahmuda Alam( an aspiring architect) and Mostafa Rumi ( a dentist)- all shared this overwhelming passion for food and it was during Mahmuda Alam’s birthday celebration party, the trio decided to do something about their passion for food. Therefore, on a lazy winter evening they suddenly thought about making a test batch of baked goodies and ask their friends to taste and experience what they could offer. Punizz Kitchen emerged just like this on 26th January, 2013.

In the beginning, all the three founders had considered the venture to be a hobby only, working through their way in learning techniques and methods of baking and cake decorations. They were not yet considering baking to be their main profession. However, in just a few months of time they have started to receive such ravenous reviews from people for their work that their confidence increased immensely. The response from the customers overwhelmed them during a fair ‘’Rangta mela’’ that had been basically a venture with a few other craft loving, like minded friends.

After a while, Mahmuda Alam left for her higher education in Sweden. However, the other two decided to continue and make baking and cake decorating their sole profession. After that the journey simply went on with new challenges and amazing experiences. From being just like any other home baker, the duo trained themselves through trials and errors based on online tutorials, you tube videos and various recipe books towards making Punizz Kitchen one of the most well known names in the booming online artisan bakery industry in the country.  None of them had any institutional training on design/decoration or anything related to fine arts. But they have learnt to admire and create beautiful sugar works by taking up challenging projects all through the way. The metamorphism took place in just two years of time and thanks go to the numerous number of people who have had faith in their creations.

Punizz Kitchen dreams of attaining international sugar arts standards in their designs in the years to come with a hope to be able to spread their passion among the other home bakers who continues to bake even with all the existing limitations of the country. They dream of a day when sugar crafting will not be considered as a mere representation of food, but a complete art form in the country. The strength of Punizz had always been the partners’ love for aesthetics, willingness to work hard and their attention for even minor details. Punizz Kitchen welcome you all to the magical world of sugar arts!


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