Flavor - Red velvet/chocolate velvet/black forest/victorian Sponge

Price - 1.5kgs - 6,500 tk, 2kgs - 8,000 tk

MMF or Marshmallow fondant recipe

List of ingredients:
*400 gm marshmallows
* 4 tbsp drinking water
* 900-1000 gm icing sugar
*3-4 tbsp vegetable shortening/crisco
* 1 tsp vanilla/almond essence/any other essence (optional)
*3-4 tbsp edible glycerin ( optional and might be needed for future kneading)


  • Put the marshmallows in a greased bowl.
  • Coat the marshmallows with water and melt either in a microwave oven or on a double boiler.
  • Grease your hands and the surface of kneading with shortening.
  • Spread about 500 gm of icing sugar on the kneading surface.
  • Pour the melted marshmallow on the icing sugar.
  • Slowly start to fold in icing sugar with melt marshmallow.
  • Add another 300 gm of icing sugar and start kneading when the mix is somewhat like a parata dough.
  •  Knead until smooth and put the dough to rest for 12-24 hours in an airtight container. In urgent cases you may use directly, however you better add a tbsp of gumpaste with it for better consistency in that case.

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