Easy Gumpaste Flower Tutorial

Ingredients that you need:

  • Some Pink gumpaste,
  • Some sea greenish gumpaste,
  • Edible Glue,
  • Pink and green lustre dust. ( I used sugarflair),
  • Golden Metalic Paint ( I used rainbow dust).

Tools that you need:

  • Ball tool
  • Flower foam pad
  • Color palette/Flower drying mould.


  • Use two 5 petal flower cutter for this flower. 1
  • Start with the  pink gumpaste, roll out  and cut with the smaller cutter.DSC_0683
  • Place the cut flower on your foam pad and thin out the sides with a ball tool.DSC_0685
  • Let in dry a little on a small flower mould so that it gets into a shape. DSC_0687
  • Make a small ribbon rose and put inside the already shaped flower, gluing with edible glue.DSC_0691 DSC_0692
  • You will need two sets of flowers for the later part. Start with the first one, thin out on the edges and pinch each petal to add a pointed look on the top edge. DSC_0693 DSC_0694  DSC_0697
  • Put this on a little wider flower mould. and then after a few minutes drying, glue together the previously made pink part on top of it.DSC_0701 DSC_0702
  • For the last part of the flower. cut each petal with a sharp knife like the image below, thin out and add below the flower above. Once the whole thing has dried for several hours, you cna dust them and add any details you like. I have dusted with pink and sea green and painted the edges with golden and used for a set of cupcakes. 11997267_10207500734176953_292552823_n


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