Basic Baking Tutorial 002: Introduction to the cake mixing methods

We are now going to talk about the six basic methods of cake making. The examples and recipes will be there in the next sessions:

  1. Creaming Method: This method is called creaming method as  butter/fat content and sugar is creamed together at first. Afterwards the dry ingredients and the liquid ingredients are added alternatively. The high fat content absorbs the liquid quickly and the flour helps to bind the liquid content to the batter ( the liquid usually seems to get separated otherwise). The cakes made using this method are usually a little dense, but super moist. One important thing to remember while making cake in this method is that we do not use any egg white foams here , but you definitely need some sort of leavening/rising agent ( chemical agents) as the fat makes the batter quite heavy. The most common cakes that we make using this method is the super popular red velvet cake and devils’ food cake. (We will see the video tutorials along with recipe in our next tutorial section.)
  2. Whisked Sponge Method/ Foaming Method: This one is probably the most popular in our country. Everyone wants to master a light yet perfect sponge. Sponges are made by whipping egg whites or whole eggs with sugar into a thick foam and then folding flour into the mixture. Typically no extra leavening and fat is added in this method, but there are exceptions like genoise.
  3. Angel Food Cake Method: Angel food cake is basically a variation of good old sponge cake. However there is absolutely no fat (not even egg yolks) used in this method and the name angel food cake is derived from the idea that this cake has such an airy light texture that it could be the food of angels. Special pans are needed to bake angel food cake properly.
  4. Chiffon Cake Method: This method also uses the foam of egg whites as part of leavening, however this method also requires chemical leavening and is not definitely fat free. This method not only uses egg yolks and butter/oil, some of the chiffon cake recipe also asks for additional egg yolks into the batter.
  5. Two Stage Method: In this method we first mix the dry ingredients with the fat content and then we add the liquid in parts. The batter is usually thinner than most other cakes. The mixing is usually done in slower speed and you might need to scrape in the bowl quite often. The batter is usually more liquid and needs slow and low baking. Chocolate fudge cake can be the ebst example for this method.
  6. Flour-Batter Method: The cake that is produced using this method is usually the one with fine grains. Here the fat and half of the flour is first mixed and the sugar and egg are whipped separately, Afterwards the two mixtures are combined and liquids and the rest of the flour are incorporated in the end. An example of this could be heavy fruit based pound cakes.


7 thoughts on “Basic Baking Tutorial 002: Introduction to the cake mixing methods

  1. Cake banai but beshi bhalo hoy na. So egerly waiting for ur video tutorials. Tate jodi amar kono unnoti hoy. Different flavoured cup cake bananor video tutorial chai.

  2. Anika apu, I am going through your website and I found it very helpful :) Thanks to you.

    Apu if possible, share a recipe of perfect butter cream frosting (with tips and tricks). Mine always turns out sandy! :(

    1. apu in sha allah we will share one of our buttercream recipes soon. and hopefully there will be more in the future.

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